Does O3 Ozone Water Care/Make Our Skin Beauty Better?


Washing your face is the daily-work in our lives. It both keeps your face clean and young.

Special to female, wash face is the important way of skin beauty. All kinds of facial cleanser, plant essential oil... in market. But you know,Some are with allergic skin and easy to irritate your skin once used improperly.

 She likes making-up and makes herself more beautiful, Cosmetic residue on our face isn’t cleaned completely,skin does not free breathe as covered, cause your pores to be rough and accelerate skin aging more.

Actually, cleans and keeps our skin beauty by"ozone water" , deep clean pores, remove blockages and bacteria, make skin unobstructed.

Ozone decomposes in water, it gives your skin a sufficient oxygen,actives aging cells and promotes cell regeneration.

Ozone in water is released and decomposed to oxygen carbon and hydrogen which kills all kinds of odour, disease bacteria.

An Air stone inside the unit, please put it into water and turn on(5Min), ozone water makes face bright and white, activate cells, dilute freckles and promote metabolism.

Washing  face with ozone water can also prevent bacterial infection, eliminate facial acne and highly purify the skin.


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