How to Avoid Pollen, Catkins & Poplar Allergies?


Recently, catkins and poppies are flying all over the sky, and it is also the season of high incidence of allergic diseases.
When these flying floccules float in the air, it is possible to carry bacteria, germs and pollen in the air to form allergen. When the floc is inhaled into noise, it can cause strong irritation, snot, cough, sneezing and asthma.
It can also cause allergic reactions on skin, such as skin itch, urticaria, vernal conjunctivitis, etc. Severely, sleep will be affected.
Many women are affected by skin allergies, especially during the allergic period. There are many red spots on the face. The skin of baby and woman is delicate, and the exposed skin is more susceptible to irritation.
When people go out, flying floccules fall on clothes and body, it is possible to bring flying floccules and all kinds of diseased bacteria inside the home. Allergic people will have an allergic reaction once they are exposed.
Guanglei household air purifier GL-K181, through the negative ion generator to generate an appropriate amount of negative ions, can purify indoor air, effectively purify indoor smoke, dust, PM2.5 particles and other pollutants in the air.
It can quickly absorb the flying floccules and pollen in the room, and create an air negative ion treatment space indoors to promote the body's metabolism and immunity of allergic people. The high-efficient composite filter has a filtration efficiency of 99% for particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm. It can specifically remove pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, radioactive micro-particles and other components in the air.


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