How to Remove Pesticide Residues from Fruits and Vegetables Effectively?


The development of modern agricultural cultivation techniques has made the growth cycle of fruits and vegetables shorter and shorter, and the dependence on pesticides has become stronger.
According to statistics, the number of people poisoned by pesticides contaminated food in most countries accounts for about one-third of the total number of food poisonings per year. Once the excess pesticide hormone is ingested, the body's various functional systems will be disordered. It is also one of the important factors for the continuous increase in the number of cancer population in the past decade.
Most fruits and vegetables in the market need to be used with pesticides several times continuously before they become mature and supplied to the market. The fruits and vegetables that are eaten daily almost have pesticide residues. If they are eaten for a long time, it is like chronic ingestion of toxic substances, the body can not decompose and discharge, and it will cause great harm to the human body after a long period of time.
In order to better remove pesticide residues, some people will incinerate fruits and vegetables for several hours or make the disinfected at high temperature, so that they can be thoroughly cleaned in this way. But this is not scientific, and pesticides are generally divided into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble.
1) For water-soluble pesticides, intrusion will cause the pesticide to decompose in water, form a certain concentration and then reattach to the surface of fruits and vegetables.
2) The fat-soluble pesticide residue will not be washed away by water. The common cleaning method in life is difficult to effectively remove pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and even have counterproductive effects.
Guanglei ozone fruit and vegetable washing machine enables oxygen molecules to obtain high energy through high-voltage electric field, and makes the them become active oxygen with super oxidizing ability, so that the pesticides remaining on the surface of fruits and vegetables are rapidly decomposed and become harmless small molecule compound water and carbon dioxide. It can also restore the fresh taste of food and prevent food spoilage and prolong the shelf life of food.
Here are some tips for application of fruit and vegetable machines:
 Purify food and water
Application Method of use and efficacy Timer Setting
Remove residual pesticide from vegetable, fruit surface
After cleaning Fruits and vegetables,put them in Drainage basin, infuse the water and  flooded vegetables, place bubble stone in water. When time is up,fruit and vegetable color quality will be fresh and tender, the surface pesticide residues are broken down, pay attention to machine should be above the water,otherwise water back.(Note: do not use aluminum birdbath). 10 Mins
Decomposition of   the  residues  hormones and antibiotics in the meats Put the meat and fresh food clean, mergence drainage basin, flooded meat, put bubble stone into the water. After downtime is a sticky film bubbles rise to, this is dissolved additives, hormonal material, have the chemical smell if burned with fire. 10-15 mins
Remove the seafood and other biological kind of breeding of armour liver virus, etc Seafood, shellfish after cleaning in the water, put bubble stone into the water. Kill the breed such as hepatitis b, a infectious germs. Fish tasted are very fresh and tender. 3-5 mins
In addition to bad breath, moth-proofing teeth, and periodontal tissue inflammation, gums bleeding In the cup filled with water, put the bubbles stone  in the cup and live for three minutes.
Every day brush teeth with ozone water , and for a week can obviously alleviate the symptoms.
3 mins
Wash the rice Rice water with oxygen, boiled rice not only can remove toxic residues, make more will XiangNen delicious rice. 5 mins
Purifier water Tap water change into the ozone water, called "living water", should rest for 5-10 minutes rear can drink was born. The active oxygen tea water to boil water quality sweet sweet alcohol, cooking and soup, more can cook food flavor.
10 mins/bottle 
Family tableware, floor, desktop, disinfection.
The ozone water used for tableware, floor, desktop and household cleaning, also can use to clean a pet . Can make cleaning content more bright and clean, and have the function of disinfection .
10 mins

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