Parents Need Pay High Attention about Indoor Air Quality


Seems clean home, there is so much invisible bacteria hide everywhere. There are many benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile pollutants inside the invisible Air.
Along with the heavier of Air Pollution, neonatal malformations invents occur frequently. And indoor air pollution, much heavier than outdoor, and most of the injured people are older, weaker, pregnant women and infants.
1.For children, their immune function is not fully developed and they are more vulnerable. During the growth phase, they are breathing 50% more air than adults, and who spend 80% of their day indoors. No doubt, a lot of harmful gases will be inhaled.  
2.Children is more intense of sensitive and reactive against air than adults. From outdoor adults bring the dust and bacteria have an impact on a child’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  
3.Bacteria and germs in the air will let the baby’s resistance to decline, resulting in the occurrence of a variety diseases. The environmental problems is getting worse, with PM 2.5 outside and indoor air pollution.  
As parents, we protect our children from everyplace and every-side. It is very important to choose right air purifier to keep the indoor air fresher. Such as the model GL-2106, Smart Tower Air Purifier, adopts the advanced negative ion technology, quickly absorb and neutralize formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the air, promote metabolism, improve immunity. And also play the role of sterilization.The use of HEPA filter, antibacterial dust, can effectively remove fine dust and smoke. Active carbon filter net filtration system, can eliminate air odor, decomposition of harmful gases.It is with small size, low noise and easy to move, which is smart parents the NO. One Choice.


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