Model no. GL-2108A
Wall mounted air purifier

Install on the wall to save space.
Filter replacement mention.
4-layer filtration system,
Front filter element for separating lint and large dirt.
8 million pcs/cm3 Negative Ion system.
With Remote Control.
3 Fan speed: Low/Med/High;
4 Timer : 1/2/4/8H,(can be customized


Voltage: AC220V~50Hz: AC110V~60Hz N.W. 3.7 KG
Power 49W G.W. 4.37 KG
Ozone Output 500 mg/h color White
Negative Ion Output   8 million pcs/cm3 Accessories manual*1,
Fan speed low-mid-high filter*1
Timer: 1-2-4-8 hours Remote Control*1
Dimensions 420*310*121 mm    

Color box 470*155*358 mm G.W.: 19.3 KGS
Per Carton Box 4 pcs 20'GP: 960 pcs/240 CTNS
Carton size 655*483*375 cm 40'GP: 1920 pcs/480 CTN
N.W.: 14.8 KGS 40'HQ: 2220 pcs/555 CTNS

Digtal Touch Panel,easy operation.
Main Function
Digtal Touch Panel,easy operation.
The Ability to remove Formaldehyde:
more adapt to decorate the environment,more adapt to decorate the environment 97.8% removal rate.
4-layer filtration:
Front PP filter remove different kinds of pollutants more than 20 microns , such as hair , scurf , fibre , pollen dust , etc
HEPA filter can clear smog,particles and pollen ,kill bacteria as high efficiency  as 99.99%
Cold-catalyst filter can absorb and decompose formaldehyde ,break down formaldehyde and other toxic gas into CO2 and H2O.
Activated carbon filter can remove organism and pollutant , absorb and eliminate odors and toxic gas , with goods purification effect .
Negative ions:
anion can quickly neutralize and air smoke, "secondhand smoke", oil fumes and dust. After inhaling negative ions for 30 minutes, the lungs can inhale more than 20% of oxygen and exhale 14.5% carbon dioxide, which can increase the oxygen content in blood and is conducive to the transport, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen. Promote metabolism and improve sleep.
Ozone sterilizes:
kills the bacteria and the virus contained in the air, prevents the infectious disease. Remove dust and odour, make the air fresh and natural, eliminate fatigue, refreshing, let you live as if in the forest.
Filter using 2000 hours mentioned to replace or clean.
With Remote Control.
3 Fan speed: Low/Med/High;
4 Timer : 1/2/4/8H,(can be customized

Application Function and Effects Cabinet 1.Kills bacteria and mould.
Airtight room Removes odor, tobacco smoke and particles in the air. 2.Removes odor in the cabinet.
Kitchen Removes food preparation and cooking,(Onions,garlic,fish) Carpets, Furniture Removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from new furniture, painting, and carpeting.
Pets Removes pets' odor.    
Scope of application
Used in hotel, restaurants, entertainment, wet area, meeting rooms,production workshop, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, the bedroom, coffee shop, bar, cafe, KTV room, cinema, collective dormitory, train, the terminal, waiting room, the dressing room, laboratory, warehouse, the city chicken farm animal breeding new factory, decorate office or business place, such as office buildings, hotels, stores and exhibition hall and other new decorated top-grade residential area.

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