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Does the Air Purifier Have Radiation?

May. 14, 2021

As an Air Purifier Supplier, share with you.

Air purifiers are also home appliances, and strictly speaking, they have radiation, but compared to household TVs and refrigerators, radiation is almost negligible. Because the current air purifier is a fan from the principle of purification to blow indoor polluted air into the chassis, and pass through a filter with purification function through a closed space to filter out related pollutants and harmful substances, resulting in electromagnetic The radiation is very very small. And household air purifiers are generally placed in a corner of the room, far away from the crowd, and the long-distance radiation is almost negligible. Therefore, whether the air purifier is for pregnant women, children or the elderly, the radiation hazard is negligible.

Portable Anion Air Purifier

Portable Anion Air Purifier

The air quality is really not optimistic now. The suspended particulate matter in the air is very alarming. Residents living in haze areas must prevent haze, especially for mothers and babies. Originally, this group's own resistance ability is relatively weak compared with ordinary people, and it is extremely vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen one's own protection. In the haze weather, try not to go out without going out. If something happens, it is best to go out with a mask that can prevent haze, wrap yourself tightly, try not to let your skin come in contact with the polluted air, and change your coat immediately when you go home. Put on clean clothes. Mothers and babies staying at home are not absolutely safe. The air is pervasive. Only by strengthening filtration and removing the pollutants in the indoor air as much as possible can you protect your own safety to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is best to need a high-power air purifier to circulate the indoor air several times in a short period of time.

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