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Consumer Focuses More on Air Germicidal Health

Apr. 23, 2021

--The ratio is just next only to the attention to healthy food and drink--

Covid-19 epidemic makes the public pay more attention to “breath health”. More and more consumers prefer to buy healthy home appliance. Suning.com platform data shows that the air purifier sells up to 83.78% from January to December 2020.

《White paper on China's Healthy Home Appliances in 2020》 released by CHEAA.COM and AVC says that 92% consumer would like to pay more attention to the function of health when they are shopping or making a choice of home appliance. Among them, 31.6% focuses on air sterilization, which is next to the attention to healthy food and drink.

However, the current popularity rate of air purifier in China is much less than the developed countries. According to the 《White paper on Air Health Appliances Industry》, the popularity rate of air purifier in China is only 2%; however, in South Korea, it is up to 70%.

The air purifier made in China has been exported 10.377 million pieces from January to November 2020, which rises by 33.5% year-over-year. What is more, the air purifier price in China market declines too. The average price of online and offline store is RMB 1,469.2 and RMB 3,128 respectively, corresponding year-on-year drop as 8.4% and 6%.

Guanglei focuses on developing, manufacturing and exporting air purifiers for 26 years. Its hot selling air cleaners include GL-K180, GL-8128, GL-8138, GL-FS32, GL-2108, GL-2106, etc. With ozone, UV light, negative ion, HEPA filter, photo-catalyst filter, cold-catalyst filter, they are very strong in killing virus &bacteria, removing odor, adsorb PM2.5, smoke, hair, dust, pollen, eliminate formaldehyde, benze, and other harmful substance. They are quite popular among the world now.

Consumer Focuses More on Air Germicidal Health

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