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How Should You Protect Your Children when in Air Conditioner Room?

Mar. 09, 2021

The body of infants and young children are at the development stage. The Immune system and various body organs are still quite immature. The resistance to toxic and harmful substances from the outside world is far lower than that of adults. Children often have inexplicable “cold”, no matter how to treat, the symptoms of low-grade fever and fever are not improved within one week. In fact, your children may not have a cold, but the bacterial in particles have entered their bodies, causing rejection of the immune system.

Air Purifier

How should you protect your children when in Air Conditioner Room?

If your children have to go outside during hazy days, they must wear effective anti-haze masks. But in the airless room, Parents with good financial status should try to purchase an Negative Air Purifier, especially in Air Conditioner Room. Because even if windows are closed, indoor pollution value will not be much lower than the outdoor value. If Air Purifier is used correctly, indoor air quality value can be reduced to a safe range, allowing your children to breath clean air at home at the very least.

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