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Useful Guide for Air Purifiers Helps You Solve Difficult Problems

Jan. 28, 2021

Most people have questions about using air purifiers. Therefore, Air Purifier Supplierprovide solutions and suggestions about use and user experience.

1.Does the air purifier work continuously for 24 hours? Is there any other problem?

As long as there is no problem in fan life, abrasion and heat dissipation, in theory, any electrical appliances can operate 24 hours. But electrical appliances will have a working life which is calculated according to the use of time.

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

For air purifiers, long-term continuous work will lead to excessive consumption of filter. For example, filter that can be used for one year, then can only be used for six months or three months to replace. We recommend turning on the machine when there are people in the house. Otherwise, please turn it off. And turn it on during sleep at night.

In one case, some electrostatic or plasma discharge purifiers may produce a small amount of ozone in the use process, and working long hours may cause indoor ozone concentration exceeding standard. In this case, don’t make machine work continuously for 24 hours. If you smell obvious odor, please turn off it soon and keep indoor ventilation.

2.How to detect the value of purified indoor air? Based on what? How to detect by consumers?

At present, according to the national standard "Air Purifier" GB/T18801, the air purifier is placed in a 30 cubic meter sealed test chamber. The ability of the air purifier to remove pollutants, such as clean air (how many cubic meters of clean air are produced per hour), is calculated by testing the effect of the air purifier to remove pollutants in the test chamber.

Portable detection equipment to observe the changes of pollutant concentration before and after the use of the purifier. The effect of laboratory testing is different from the actual effect, because the ventilation conditions in the laboratory and the actual environment are different.

3. Should the air purifier be placed far from people or not during sleep? Is there any radiation?

In respect of pollution removal, concentration of pollutants near to the outlet of air purifier is lower, but you will feel noise. So, we suggest that you can be away from it for your comfort. The air purifier produced by Shenzhen Guanglei Electronics Co., Ltd. has no radiation.

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