Why We Need the Air Purifier?

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Why We Need the Air Purifier?

Aug. 27, 2021

Air is the resource on which we live, and we breathe it every day. However, with the increase of environmental pollution, many harmful substances in the air will enter our body with our breathing, thus posing a threat to our health. At this moment, maybe you need an air purifier. Before that, you need to understand how it works and the benefits it brings to our lives. As a manufacturer of air purifiers, I am honored to show you these things.

How Does the Air Purifiers Work?

Bedroom Air Purifier GL-FS32

Bedroom Air Purifier GL-FS32

The air purifier uses an internal fan system to draw indoor air through a series of filters to remove harmful air particles such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. The air purifier then circulates the purified air around the room. Repeat this process several times per hour to keep your environment healthy.

The Benefits Air Purifiers Bring to Us

Cleaner Air

The first benefit of an air purifier is simply to improve the overall cleanliness of your indoor air by removing contaminants. Considering that the EPA estimates indoor air can be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air, this is naturally very important.

Healthier Air

Air purifiers remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria. Small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores and other bacteria float around in the air, causing your family to get sick. By cycling the air in the room repeatedly through internal filters, an air purifier helps remove up to 99 percent of these airborne pollutants.

No More Odors

By trapping airborne particles, air purifiers help control odors. For example, they can help make your home smell fresher faster after cooking foods with strong odors or smoking tobacco. Air purifiers don’t only clean the air, they also help get rid of unpleasant and burnt food odors

Seasonal Allergy Control

If anyone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies, it is extremely important for them to have an environment where they can be safe from the many types of pollen and molds that may trigger their symptoms. Air purifiers help keep the allergens that make breathing uncomfortable out of your home.

Less Pet Mess

Air purifiers trap airborne allergens released by pets. You may love your pet, but your furry friend releases pet dander, fur and other airborne allergens into the air in your home — not to mention the smells! Air purifiers help combat these allergens by trapping them before they settle into your home.

Slower Dust Buildup

There will always be dust. No matter what you do to keep your home clean, dust accumulates. An air purifier helps trap dust before it has the chance to settle, reducing build-up and leaving you with less to clean.

Neutralize Smoke

Air purifiers can help smoke stinks. Whether it’s a family member who smokes or your love for a roaring fireplace making your home smell dingy, an air purifier can help trap smoke before it ends up in your upholstery. What is more, breathing in tobacco smoke can result in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases as well as heart disease. Other side-effects of tobacco or cigarette smoke include ear infections, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

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