2-in-1 Ozone Negative Ion Water Air Cleaner for Killing Virus GL-2186

Features: Multi-functional air and water purification┃400mg/h ozone sterilization for fruit and food┃7 million anion air purification┃10-60 mins ozone working timer┃Independent negative ion control ON/OFF button┃Touch operation panel┃Remote control┃Wall mounted or portable
Rate VoltageAC220V~50Hz ;AC110V~60HZ
Ozone output400 mg/h
Anion output7*106pcs/cm3
Net Weight1.2kg
Ozone timer10,20,30,45,60 mins
Dimensions340* 245 *75 mm
Suitable Area≤20m2
AccessoriesUser Manual*1pc
Silicon Tube*2pcs
Air Stone*2pcs
Remote control*1pc
Ctn.8 pcs
Carton N. W.12kg
Carton G.W.15.8kg
Master ctn. size500*395*580 mm

Press button to control ozone working time for 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 mins

400mg/h ozone output

7*106pcs/cm3 negative ion output

Multifunctional ozone and ion machine

With Remote Control

Main Function

Negative ion function:

Negative ion can adsorb the positive particles in the air, strongly kill bacteria and mildew, remove smoke fusty smell and poisonous odor from the newly decorated materials.

The air can also reduce the air dust, help breathing more smooth, also can improve the sleep quality.

Improve the body immunity, provide fresh air environment.

Ozone function:

Ozone can improve indoor air quality, kill the bacterial, remove peculiar smell, it can also used to deodorization in fridge, chest.

this machine ozone can also use in water for fruit and vegetable sterilizer, wash face, bathing, etc.


(1) Air Purification
ApplicationTimeFunction and Effects
Airtight room10minRemove odor, tobacco smoke and particles in the air.
Kitchen10minRemove food preparation and cooking, (Onions, garlic, fish)
Pets10minRemove pets' odor.
Cabinet10min1.Kill bacteria and mould.
2.Remove odor in the cabinet.
Carpets, Furniture10-30minRemove harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from new furniture, painting, and carpeting.
(2) Foods and Water
ApplicationsTimeFunction and Effects
Fruits and vegetables washing10-20min

1.Dissolve and eliminate pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

2.Kill the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Tableware washing10minKill bacteria on the surface of the tableware.
Fish and meat washing5-10min1. Eliminate the fishy odor;
2. Kill the bacteria in the meat and fish.
Water treatment10min

1.Dissolve the organic impurities and bleaches the water.

2. Increase the oxygen level in the water.

Food preservation5-10min

1. Disinfect the food in refrigerator.

2. Extend fresh fruit and vegetables storage life in refrigerators and coolers.  3. Keep the food fresher.

Refrigerator deodorization10min

1.Eliminate any odor in the refrigerator.

2.Prevent odor and taste cross-contamination of foods in refrigerators and coolers.

(3) Health Care
ApplicationsTimeFunction and Effects
Prevent diseases such as epiphyte from infecting.
Laundry20minKill bacteria, eliminates any odor and bleaches the clothes
Children's articles10minDisinfect nursing bottles and toys, etc.
Oral hygiene5-10min

1.Kills bacteria in oral cavity.

2.Help to cure some oral cavity diseases such as stomatitis

Skin care10-20min

1.Kill most harmful bacteria.

2.Help to prevent or control many skin disease.

3.Help to accelerates the metabolism activity of skin, making skin healthier and fresher in appearance.

Ozone Water System Applications

1. Potable Drinking/Camping Water

2. Fruit and Vegetable Rinsing

3. Food and Cooking Utensils

4. Hot Tub/Spa

5. Bath Water

6. Baby Bottle Washing

7. Aquarium

8. Office Air treatment

9. Home Air treatment

10. Removes Mold and Odor in basements,

11. Removes Food Odor such as Onion, Spices, Burnt oil, etc in Kitchen

12. Kills Bacteria in Water and Air

13. Ozonates Olive Oilin gel or liquid form

14. In large and small Fish Tank, Make water Crystal clear

15. Air Treatment, Kills Bacteria and Pollen

16. Doctor and Dental Office Application, Removes bio film and sanitizes water

17. Aquarium, Make water crystal Clear

18. Removes smoke and smoke order right away

Scope of application:

Used in hotel, school bus, car, restaurants, entertainment, wet area, meeting rooms, production workshop, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, the bedroom, coffee shop, bar, cafe, KTV room, cinema, collective dormitory, train, the terminal, waiting room, the dressing room, laboratory, warehouse, the city chicken farm animal breeding new factory, decorate office or business place, such as office buildings, hotels, stores and exhibition hall and other new decorated top-grade residential area.

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