32g 64g Movable Smart Ozone Generator Purifier GL-808

Features: Super high customized 32g/h or 64g/h ozone release┃Big air fan cooling┃Smart preset timer for 24 hour’s automatic disinfection┃Omni-directional wheel┃Metal painting surface┃Excellent good quality ceramic plate┃Comprehensive strong ozone sterilization & disinfection┃Deodorize, sanitize & freshen air┃No secondary pollution
Rated VoltageAC220V~50Hz; AC110V~60HZ
Maximum power220W/400W
Ozone Output32g/h/64g/h
Product Dimensions378*278*540mm
Timer1-60 mins
Use area300-350m2/600-800m2
Air flow260m3/h/520m3/h
AccessoriesUser Manual *1pc
Master ctn. size492*408*665mm

Smart preset work timer: 8 groups of timers, cycle time setting from Monday to Sunday

Independent timer control for ozone

Omni-directional wheel

Metal painting texture

Whole space disinfection

Strong sterilization

Easy operation

Kill virus and bacteria

Remove odor and formaldehyde

No secondary pollution

Eliminate bed and clothes mite

Remove pet odor

Scope of Application

Used in public place, hotel, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, school, public toilet, production workshop, warehouse, farm, KTV, sterile room, etc.

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