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Desktop Air Purifier GL-2106

Fashion Tower Air Purifier ┃3 in 1 Composite Filter with HEPA,activated carbon,high molecular sieve filter ┃5 million Air Vitamine function ┃ Turbo fan speed setting┃ Filter replacement reminder┃ 75 CFM Air Cleaner Capacity.

Product Description

Special Features

38W  Four layer-- HEPA filter/activated carbon filter/anion/PM 2.5


1.Front PP filter remove different kinds of pollutants more than 20 microns , such as hair , scurf , fibre , pollen dust , etc.

2.HEPA Filter Layer,Zero particles version can reach the removal (based on standard laboratory) over 99% removal rate can be realized, whose diameter is 0.03 mm (about 1/200 of the hair diameter ). 

3.Activated Carbon:Absorb formaldehyde,toluene,other chemical substance and odor in the air.

4.Cold-catalyste filter can absorb and decompose formaldehyde ,break down formaldehyde and other toxic gas into CO2 and H2O.

5.Negative Ion:over 20 milliions anion outputs,it Provides fresh air more suitable for the human body.Purification function: negative ion can fast absorb /covers and neutralize harmful substance in the air(smoke, dust,Fine particles,other materials), promote human body metabolism, improve immunity and adjust body balance, it is also named as “Air Vitamin.

6.Quiet Operation & 3 Fan Speed: HEPA Air purifier runs at low noise level (<37dB) on Low Speed, for your undisturbed sleep or reading; three different fan speeds can be selected according to the actual air quality and space.

7.HEPA air purifiers with 1/ 2/4/8 hour-timers setting allow your home air purifier to run at a specific time, quite user-friendly as well as energy-saving; and the 3-fan speed is very convenient for different levels of air purification needs. a certain space Filter replacement indicator which lifespan is up to 4000 hours.

8.Compact Design  with 38w Powerful High Efficiency Air Purifiers : With CADR rating of 170 m³/h, and compact as 21.6 x 21.6 x 317 mm, this air purifier circulates air quickly in a room up to 400 ft² and removes a wide range of contaminants, including pollen, dust & pollutants, pet dander, mold spores, cooking & smoke odors in your bedroom, study, living room, or kitchen.



Multipurpose air purifie: 

This ozone machine can used for clean air and kills virus effective removing odors,smoke odor,harmful gas completely,and there is no secondary pollution.

Large capacity  anion  Output :

The laptop air purifier outputs 10 million ions and which suitable for Purifies home,office,cafe,bar,hotel.... kills virus, remove odor..... protect and care our health.

Neutralize Office Air :

More pleasant smell and cleaner breathing experience throughout the work day after plug in.

Deodorize Home :

Air including odors caused by cats,dogs and other pets; infuse a crisp,clean, pleasurable scent only found in nature,Removes mold and mildew odors .

Neutralizes cooking odors 

Like offensive smells caused by onion,spices,burnt oil,fish and beyond.

Fights pollen and other allergens : 

Throughout the year, helping alleviate symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers neutralizes smoke caused by cigarettes, cigars.

Key Specifications

Model No.GL-2106
Rated VoltageAC220V~50Hz AC 110V~60Hz
CertificatesCE, ROHS, FCC
Net weight2.2kg
Product sizeD216 x H337 mm
Negative ion5 million pcs/cm3
Maximum air flow175m3/h
Timer1H / 2H / 4H / 8H
Fan speedLow-med-high-turbo
CertificatesCE RoHS FCC
Air quality indicator lightsBlue / Yellow / Red
Working modeAuto / Manual / Sleep

Packaging & Shipment

Per carton4 pcs
Carton net weight8.8kg
Carton gross weight13.5kg
Carton Size545 x 545 x 420mm
20' GP container876 pcs/219 Ctns
40' GP container1936 pcs/484 Ctns
40' HQ container2200 pcs/550 Ctns


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