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HEPA Bluetooth Speaker Room Ionizers GL-2109

Simple and portable design ┃10 million negative ion with HEPA composite filter with Active carbon filter remove odor and PM 2.5┃7-color LED mood light, reading light or soft night light.┃Built-in Bluetooth speaker, enjoy music from your phone.┃ USB power connection┃Aroma diffuser function (optional).

Room Ionizers Description

Room Ionizers Specification

Voltage: DC 5V
Negative ion output 1*107 pcs/ cm³
Power <10W
Power supply USB Cable
Working area <10 m²
Dimensions Top Φ 150mm/ bottom Φ180mm*H240mm
N.W. 1.1KG
G.W. 1.5KG
Maximum air flow 50m3/h
Fan speed High-med-low and sleep
Material ABS
Color Grey & White
Accessories User manual*1pcComposite HEPA& active carbon filter*1pcUSB Cable*1pc


Color box size 235*235*278 mm
Per Carton Box 8 pcs
Carton box size 480*480*575 mm
N.W.: 8.8 KG
G.W.: 13.1 KG


Room Ionizers Feature

● Composite HEPA & active carbon filter

H11 HEPA filter can remove 95% of the particles whose diameter is 0.3μm or larger (about1/200 of the hair diameter).

Activated carbon filter can remove organism and pollutant, adsorb and eliminate odors and toxic gas, with goods purification effect.

● 10 million negative ion: Anion can quickly neutralize smoke, "secondhand smoke", and dust. It can adsorb PM2.5, pollen, dust, smoke, virus, formaldehyde, and other harmful substance.

Negative ion is also called as "air vitamin". After inhaling negative ions for 30 minutes, the lungs can inhale more than 20% of oxygen and exhale 14.5% carbon dioxide, which can increase the oxygen content in blood and is conducive to the transport, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen. Promote metabolism and improve sleep.

● 7-color LED mood light (color changing), reading steady lamp, soft night lamp

● Built-in Bluetooth V5.0 speaker: Stream your favorite music wireless via built-in Bluetooth speaker.

● Touch sensitive operation panel with LED indicators

● USB charging: powered by adapter charger with USB cable. Also powered by power bank charger.

● Easily taken anywhere indoor, desktop and enjoyment outdoor


Scope of Application

Home, office, study, hotel, bedroom, baby's room, elderly's room, KTV, living room, meeting room, shop, waiting room, bar, cinema, restaurant, etc.

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