Metal Tower Fan GL-FS580

Stainless steel┃3 speeds┃2/4/8 hrs electronic timer ┃Natural wind mode┃80 degree oscillation angle┃Infra-red remote control┃Whisper quiet ┃Unit height: 1200mm

Model Name: GL-FS580

GL-FS580 has many functions. You can get three power settings, electric oscillation and timer functions, and all of them are stuffed into a relatively compact frame with a height of only 120cm. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for small apartments and other compact living spaces.

The GL-FS580 has two additional variable speed modes-sleep and breeze-which can cycle between various speeds to simulate natural airflow, and the remote control can be neatly stored in the rear slot, so it has many functions Lift. It is also very quiet when you need it, and it is a very effective cooler for such a small amount of money.

Metal Tower Fan┃Stainless steel Tower Fan┃Luxury Metal Tower Fan

Rated VoltageAC 220V~50Hz;AC 110V~60Hz
Switching stages3
Swivel range (max.)80 °
Case colorBlack, Stainless steel
Wing colorBlack, Stainless steel
FeaturesTimer, Oscillating, LED indicator light, incl. remote control
Noise emission48dB
DimensionsDØ320 x 1200 mm
N.W.5.25 KG
Accessories Manual x 1Remote Control x 1

color box size905 x 145 x 140mm
Per Carton1 pc
carton size960 x 200 x 330mm
N.W.5.25 KG
G.W6.5 KG
20'GP:442 pcs /442CTNS
40'GP:946 pcs /946CTNS
40'HQ:1068 pcs /1068 CTNS


-Stainless steel

- 3 speeds

- 2/4/8 hrs electronic timer

- Natural wind mode

- 80o  oscillation angle

- Infra-red remote control

- Whisper quiet

- Unit height: 1,200mm


This space-saving tower fan is suitable with its calm and quietness

even for the bedroom.


With different LED color show different Air volume level



Blue is medium

Green is High

Red is low

Timer (2, 4, 8 hours)

Natural Wind mode (automatic change of wind intensity)

Memory function

Smooth and quiet operation

Storage compartment for the remote control.



Operation Mode Display

(Meaning of the colors of the LED control lamps on the device)


Unique Design :Safety and Reliable

Very short lattice distance,to prevent the baby pinch their fingers


Remote control

The cordless remote control has a range of up to 10 meters ,when using the remote control , please ensure that there are no bostacles placed between it and the sensor of the device.


Detail Display

01. Lengthened the wind output design, expand the wind area .

02. High class metal pull aluminum design of the machine top & base parts, which can not only improve the device texture , the metal base also make the machine more stable.

03. Hidden rotation design , rotation without move the base,more stable and safety.


Scope of Application

Used in hotel, restaurants, entertainment, wet area, meeting rooms,production workshop, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, the bedroom, coffee shop, bar, cafe, KTV room, cinema, collective dormitory, train, the terminal, waiting room, the dressing room, laboratory, warehouse, the city chicken farm animal breeding new factory, decorate office or business place, such as office buildings, hotels, stores and exhibition hall and other new decorated top-grade residential area.

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