Tap Water Ozone Purifier GL-688A

0.6mg/L ozone output┃Water proof Design┃Low power consumption ┃Efficient and no secondary pollution

Tap Water Ozone Purifier GL-688A

Rated VoltageDC 12 V
power7 W
water flow3-7L/MIN
water pressure0.03-0.04M Pa
water ozone content0.6mg/l
work temperature0-42℃
water temperature2-60℃
Dimensions126 x 75 x 120mm
N.W.0.3 KG

Manual x 1Adaptor AC100-240V~50-60 H


color box1pc
box size175 x 100 x 130mm
Per Carton24pcs
carton size615 x 360 x 275mm
20'GP:10608pcs /442 CTNS
40'GP:22704pcs /946CTNS
40'HQ:25728pcs /1072 CTNS


Very safety usage , working under 12V voltage .

100% water proof , even put the whole machine in water , it will have no influence of the function .

Only request 0.03 MPA water pressure to start ozone .ozone can working very long time in quite status .

For fruits & vegetables:

Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable : Kill virus, decompose remained agrochemical ,fertilizer and so on  prevent from chronic poisoning prolong food storage time.

For meats, seafood ...

Eat fresh meat safely

Remove antibiotic , estrin and lean from meats, seafood,

Freshwater fishes .

Daily Washing

This machine has a significant effect, especially for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. On the surface of bacteria, underwear, cutlery, baby toys, baby bottles are available such as ozone water washing, soaking, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection.

Deodorization and fresh-care

Drip washing extend refreshing time of meat,  fruit and vegetable and it also can remove frowst

Beauty and health care:

(1) Wash face with ozone water can

clean and protect the skin , remove the bacterial and feculence inside the face pore, increase the respiration, promote the metabolism. It can also help remove the cosmetic remains.

(2) Gargle with ozone water can Fresh bad breath and prevent oral cavity

(3) Bath with ozone water can prevent and treat disease

(4) Additional function to eliminate fatigue  and wash woud .

Drinking-water purification:

Can kill bacteria in the water, decomposing compounds to remove odor, can also increase the amount of oxygen in the water, making the water more sweet.



Scope of Application

Used in hotel, school , restaurants,  kitchen, bathroom, etc.


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