Multi-purpose Air Ozone Purifier USB Inoizer Purifier GL-138

Features: Portable USB Air Purifier┃5 million Negative Ion output┃Rechargeable air purifier┃Ultra-quiet mode┃aroma function┃Battery supply ionic purifier┃Elegant hook design.
voltageDC 5V
Negative Ion Output1*107pcs/cm3
working area3 m²
HEPA Filter network :71*41.5*13 mm
Aroma network71*41.5*13 mm
colorblack with SilverOr ,White with Gold
Accessories manual*1,battery*1,filter*2

Color box size155*155*98 mm
Per Carton Box30 pcs
Carton box size325*480*515 mm
N.W.:9 KG
20'GP10350pcs/345 CTNS
40'GP21450 pcs/715 CTNS
40'HQ25140 pcs/838 CTNS


Portable USB Air Purifier

10 million Negative Ion Outputs

Warm light

Ultra-quiet mode

2 color can choose: black with Silver or ,White with Gold

aroma function optional

Optional:Rechargeable battery 2 way power

Elegant hook design.

Certificates: CE , RoHS, FCC.

10 million negative ions:

Also named as anion, or "Air Vitamin" can quickly neutralize and air smoke, "secondhand smoke", oil fumes and dust. After inhaling negative ions for 30 minutes, the lungs can inhale more than 20% of oxygen and exhale 14.5% carbon dioxide, which can increase the oxygen content in blood and is conducive to the transport, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen. Promote metabolism and improve sleep.

Ozone Generator with recycle working:  auto purify air and disinfected time. 

Small & Portable: This ozone machine is easy to install and convenient to carry out,home kitchen office using, even hunting,car,on vacation, travel, really anywhere you need to sanitize air,

Neutralize Office Air for fresher, more pleasant smell and cleaner breathing experience throughout the work day

Deodorize Home Air including odors caused by cats, dogs and other pets; infuse a crisp,clean, pleasurable scent only found in nature Removes mold and mildew odors in bathroom or basement 

Neutralizes cooking odors like offensive smells caused by onion,spices,burnt oil,fish and beyond

Kills bacteria in both air and water for extra safety and precaution during cold and flu season,preserving and improving the taste and texture

Fights pollen and other allergens throughout the year, helping alleviate symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers

neutralizes smoke caused by cigarettes, cigars, woodburning fireplace and house fires

Elegant hook design.

suitable to the wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen, shoes cabinet, desktop and car purifying use

Applicable Places



Book Case

Pet Room

Car Space

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