Necklace Ionizer Personal Ionic Mask GL-2189

Features: Over 10 Million pcs Anion release ┃Double Negative ion brushes┃ Around 2 hours rechargable but running over 16 hours ┃ High performance Personal electronic mask and Pocket ionizer
Rate VoltageDC5 V
Negative ion output1 x 107pcs/cm3
Dimensions62 x 48 x 29mm
Net weight45g

Master ctn size415 x 302 x 425mm
20'ft20280 pcs
40'ft50580 pcs


Low consumption

Rechargeable battery

3 million negative ion

Blue LED lights

Certificates: CE RoHS FCC


High ion concentration: Ion concentration can be higher than 10 million per cc.

Excellent sterilization effect.

Diaphanous, exquisite adoptable.

Freshens air.

Dispel the static.

Prevent infection spreading.

Remover odor, kill bacteria.

Scatters Smoke and masses dust.



Remove eliminates dusty, smoke, smog, keep air fresh

Lowest noise:

Unique super mute design that does not affect you and your family, you can't hear any noise under full runs. even in a very quiet environment.  

Lower energy consumption

The Air Purifier is a green product, pollution-free, 1w low energy consumption

Mini portable, on-the-go

Wearable ionizer, hang or put it into your bag/pocket freely, enjoy and breath the fresh air any time any place whatever you are on travel, home or school, office....


original ABS from Taiwan/Korea(LG), makes it more Strong, shock resistant and smooth surface with well process, it looks More advanced and luxurious

Negative Ion:

over 10 milliions anion outputs, it Provides fresh air more suitable for the human body.

Purification function: negative ion can fast absorb /covers and neutralize harmful substance in the air (smoke, dust, Fine particles, other materials), promote human body metabolism, improve immunity and adjust body balance, it is also named as "Air Vitamin".

16 hours battery: 

Rechargeable ionic purifier with Built in 500mah lithium battery, continuous runs up to 16 hours 


High performance quality air purifier Outputs so high capacity anion (10 Million pcs more) from such tiny body, you have never seen before, purification effect/speed is three times higher than ordinary ones,

Scope of Application

Any places, especially mandatory for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and rhinitis .

Hospital, gym, bedrooms, restaurants and bars .

Public places, office (especially for computer operator)

When traveling, going to school, have a meeting or showing, planes, cars, train

Any close or air short places.

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