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Some Questions you Might be Interested in About Air Purifier

Feb. 26, 2021

As an Air Purifier Supplier, share with you.

1. Is the air volume higher, the effect will better?

The performance evaluation index of air purifier is CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) = Outflow Air Volume * Purifier's one pass purification efficiency. Therefore, the effect of the purifier depends on both the air flow rate and the removal efficiency of pollutants through single passage.

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

You can turn on the high air volume when the concentration of indoor pollutants is high. Generally speaking, the air volume decreases, then the CADR decreases, and the purification effect becomes worse. After the indoor pollutant concentration has been reduced, switch to medium and low air volume to reduce noise.

2. How to match indoor space and number of purifiers

At present, the applicable area of the purifier is still being studied by China Home Appliance Institute. The preliminary conclusion is that the applicable area is 0.15 times CADR (clean air delivery rate). the CADR value is 100 cubic meters per hour, and the suitable indoor area is about 15 square meters. Consumers are advised to use clean air in 20-30 square meters with a capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour or more.

3. Is the purification effect directly related to outdoor air and service life?

It's all directly related.

As outdoor air enters the room through doors and windows, there is a significant correlation between indoor PM2.5 concentration and outdoor PM2.5 concentration. The higher the outdoor concentration, the more PM2.5 entering the indoor, the larger the capacity of the purifier, the worse the purifying effect and the shorter the service life of the purifier. Because the principle of air purifier is similar to that of vacuum cleaner, it sucks pollutants in the air into the purifier, most of them are on HEPA Filter. The worse the air quality and the heavier the pollution, the faster the damage to HEPA Filter. If the outdoor air is dirty, it is recommended to close the outermost window, because it is impossible to prevent the flow of indoor and outdoor air, but convection can be minimized.

4. When do we need to replace the filter without any indicator light?

Some purifiers have indicator function and can be replaced according to indicator light. Some air purifiers can be opened to see. It is recommended that consumers open the machine independently or contact manufacturers to open the machine within a certain period of time, such as the former white, now black, then you need replace the filter. In addition, if you feel that the air comes out from the machine is not clean or doesn't smell fresh, you have to change the filter.

5. Recently, DIY air purifier is popular online. Does it work greatly?

We do not recommend DIY air purifier, because there are potential electrical safety hazards. In DIY operation, if improper operation, it is easy to cause leakage, overheating, fire and so on.

DIY Air Purifier can reduce the cost. Although the principle of using the purifier, it is impossible to calculate the purifying effect. The purifying effect of DIY purifier can't be compared with that of professional purifier. To make a professional purifier, we should consider the life of the fan, the size of the air flow, the number of materials and so on. In addition, the safety and reliability of use need to be considered.

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